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Vicfish Ltd is the flagship company of the Bahari Bounty Group. Established in 1992, Vicfish is a pioneer and major player in the international whitefish market. As one of the first companies to process and export Nile Perch from Lake Victoria, Vicfish operates two plants on the eastern and western shores of the Lake – one in Mwanza, where the Vicfish story began, and the other in Bukoba.

From day one, quality assurance has underpinned every aspect of our Vicfish operations. We take seriously our commitment to food safety management and sustainability, and in 2009 Vicfish became the first company in the world to achieve Naturland Wildfish certification and meet Naturland standards for Sustainable Capture Fishery.

Today, Vicfish Ltd employs 598 workers who together have the capacity to catch, process and package over 100 metric tonnes of fish a day .


The Nile Perch, or Lates niloticus, is a highly nutritious and succulent fish from the fresh waters of Lake Victoria. Retaining high-moisture content even when cooked, the Nile Perch is low in calories and rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, providing an excellent source of nutrition and protein.

Our Vicfish Nile Perch products are packaged and sold in such a way that enables us to deliver them directly to the supermarket shelf. Our range of products includes fresh and frozen fillets in a variety of cuts, including fish fingers, steaks, loins and portions bagged in family or individual consumer packs.

With an excellent reputation for texture and taste, our products are sold in supermarket chains and served on cruise ships and airlines the world over.

Quality and Traceability

Vicfish operates to unfailingly high standards of quality, compliance and due diligence. In addition to our world-first Naturland certifications, we have also achieved:

  • HACCP certification, verifying rigorous systematic approaches to food safety and risk management
  • BRC certification, meeting international quality, safety and operational criteria and fulfilling legal obligations to consumers
  • ISO-22000-2005 certification for food safety management
  • HALAL certification, meeting production criteria for food consumption under Islamic law

These certifications, along with our in-house laboratory facilities, mean our products are consistently monitored. With consumer safety at the top of our agenda, we also implement a comprehensive traceability regime from the moment a fish is caught to its final packaging and delivery.


Vicfish supplies its whitefish products to a range of clients throughout Africa and the rest of the world. These clients include:

  • Anova Foods in Holland and the US
  • Gelazur in France
  • Deutche See in Germany
  • Wai Tat in Hong Kong
  • Shinto Corporation in Japan
  • Fitkar in Saudi Arabia