Supporting Our Fishermen

Vicfish Ltd is the largest exporter of Nile Perch in Tanzania. With processing plants in Mwanza and Bukoba, the company employs 598 workers who together have the capacity to catch, process and package over 100 metric tonnes of fish a day .

Our fishing communities are based on five islands on Lake Victoria – Makikwa, Nyaburo, Kelebe, Nyabesiga and Musira – and on several mainland sites. These communities are geographically isolated and often deprived of basic health and education services, while also lacking essential sanitation facilities and additional income-generating opportunities.

Our Commitment

Our fishermen and their families are the very heart of our Vicfish operations. As a socially responsible employer, we believe strongly in looking after our people and have developed an extensive programme of support for our Lake Victoria workforce. Depending on changing needs and priorities, we provide financial assistance, equipment and initiatives designed to improve the livelihoods and lives of our fishermen and women.


To ensure our workers can access regular health services and check-ups, we coordinate monthly mobile clinics for the five fishing islands and landing sites along Lake Victoria. On Kelebe, we’ve built rainwater storage facilities to provide local communities with safe drinking water – vital for our fishermen on long days out on the Lake.

At the Igabilo fishing camp we’ve created new toilet and washing facilities, while improvements and expansions at the Rushala landing site have significantly enhanced working conditions for our staff and suppliers.

Elsewhere, we’ve refurbished local schools, donated mosquito nets to help prevent malaria, provided lifejackets and mattresses, and invested in calibrated scales to enable the accurate and fair weighing of fish. We’re also providing training for local women in tailoring, catering and handicraft to provide alternative employment options.

Overall, these efforts are helping to improve the living and working conditions of our fishermen, and ensuring that the health and education needs of their communities are met.