Kuku Poa

Kuku Poa Ltd specialises in the processing and sale of broiler chickens for the Tanzanian market. With extensive rearing, farming and processing facilities, our production chain starts at our very own hatcheries in Mwanza. Here, we incubate eggs from our certified parent stock, then once hatched we transfer the day-old chicks to our poultry farm for feeding and rearing. After six weeks, the fully-grown birds are processed into broiler chicken meat and distributed to our customer network.

With a wealth of food processing experience inherited from the Bahari Bounty Group, Kuku Poa Ltd has seen 220% growth since it first began trading in 2010. We’re fully certified and quality assured, and we have the infrastructure and expertise to expand operations further. We also offer unrivalled customer service, with clients enjoying direct access to our sales team, plus seamless billing and 24-hour deliveries.


Kuku Poa’s comprehensive product range includes a variety of broiler meat cuts, as well as whole chickens. With all chicks coming from our healthy parent stock, we have total control of our product sourcing – guaranteeing a tasty, high-quality product for the local market.

We also play an active role in the Tanzanian Poultry Association, speaking out on issues that are pertinent to our business and products. Through the Association, we champion chicken that is raised on Tanzanian soil and helps to stimulate local employment.

Quality and Traceability

At Kuku Poa Ltd, product perfection is everything. To ensure an exceptional end-result, we monitor closely the entire process from egg to hatchling to bird. We’ve also achieved the following certifications:

  • HACCP, verifying rigorous systematic approaches to food safety and risk management
  • HALAL, meeting production criteria for food consumption under Islamic law

Additionally, our quality management system is based on Good Manufacturing/Handling Practices (GMP/GHP), which set out the minimum acceptable standards for the holding of live animals. All of which helps to reassure our customers that chicken from Kuku Poa is chicken at its safest and finest.


We distribute our broiler chicken products to a range of local and international clients, including:

  • Local restaurants
  • Hotels with a range of star ratings
  • Supermarkets (including Nakumatt, Village Supermarket and Shoppers Plaza)
  • International fast food chains
  • LSG Sky Chefs