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Hunasa was first founded in 2004 to import and sell fishing equipment, outboard engines and spare engine parts to the Tanzanian market. In 2010, we shifted our focus to the agricultural sector, buying and selling raw maize for local distribution.


With 180 acres of land under cultivation, we grow, sell and distribute maize and rice – or ‘peddy’ – to customers across Tanzania. In 2013 we developed 30 acres of maize and 150 acres of rice, using sustainable farming methods to ensure high yields and product quality.

Quality and Traceability

Throughout our rice and maize cultivation cycles, we operate to unfailingly high standards of quality, compliance and due diligence.


At Hunasa we supply a wide range of clients throughout Tanzania with our raw maize and rice products.

In addition, we also provide feed for Bahari Bounty Group’s chicken-processing facilities, helping to maintain a sustainable and self-sufficient business model.