While Tanzania has made good progress towards ‘Achieving Universal Primary Education’ (Millennium Development Goal 2), regional challenges and disparities remain. Throughout the island communities of Lake Victoria where Bahari Bounty Group operates, not all children enjoy access to kindergarten education, which is a pre-primary school requirement. Primary and secondary schools also often lack basic facilities and infrastructure.

Our Commitment

In line with our commitment to support local communities, we’ve undertaken a number of initiatives to improve educational access and school environments. On the islands and the mainland, our educational programmes are in keeping with requirements set by the Naturland Standards for Sustainable Capture Fishery, which guide our work in a number of areas.

Above all, our support for local schools and schoolchildren is driven by our belief that our profits should be used to help the underprivileged, enabling our people to improve their livelihoods and their lives.


At our Igabilo site, we’ve provided funding to pay the local kindergarten teacher’s monthly allowance and purchase a range of teaching materials. On the island of Kelebe we’ve donated desks to the local school, helping to boost class attendance. And on Musira we’re helping to provide a classroom, teacher, desks and stationery as part of a dedicated kindergarten programme.

Elsewhere, we’re constructing a classroom in Rushala village for students from the local community. We’ve donated desks to Rumuli Primary School in Bukoba. And we’re carrying out general classroom refurbishments and creating play parks and recreational facilities in several Lake Victoria sites.

Through these efforts we’ve helped to increase educational opportunities for children in our fishing communities, and enhanced their learning experience through improved conditions and facilities. We’ve also promoted adult literacy by providing educational programmes at every one of our landing sites for fishermen and women.