Economic Stability

Economic stability is vital for the long-term success and sustainability of our operations. Not only does it ensure that our businesses are well run, but it helps us make meaningful contributions to the financial wellbeing of our people and local communities.

Our Commitment

As a responsible employer, we have a number of financial commitments to our employees. We’ve worked hard to establish firm economic foundations for our business, safeguarding jobs for our people long into the future. We also meet our obligations under the Naturland Standards for Sustainable Capture Fishery to protect our employees from seasonal yield fluctuations and provide access to financial services and guidance.


In line with our commitments, we offer all our employees and fishermen and women access to banking and insurance services. We run awareness courses and engagement programmes to promote the importance of saving money, and we ensure that fish price developments along the value chain are transparent.

We insist that our suppliers inform fishermen on cost structures and enable them to enquire about current factory prices. Additionally, we encourage our employees to form Fishers Associations to help them gain influence and know-how. And we’ve invested in calibrated scales to enable the accurate and fair weighing of fish.

These efforts help to promote economic stability throughout our business and among the communities in which we operate, enabling employees to improve their livelihoods and gain financial independence.