City Beautification

We’re very proud of the cities and towns in which we operate, and grateful for the firm foundations for growth they have provided. In return, we engage in city beautification and improvement projects, looking to give something back and help create a sense of civic pride and identity.

Our Commitment

As a major employer, we take seriously our responsibilities to our local natural and urban environments. Wherever possible we look to enhance the visual aspect of those areas where we work, making improvements through landscaping, refurbishments, installations and upgrades in town centres and suburbs.


In Mwanza we’ve rebuilt a roundabout in the city centre. This project involved extensive landscaping and the commissioning of a fish sculpture with a fountain. The roundabout has since become an iconic landmark for visitors and residents, with many people posing in front of the fountain for photos.

We’ve also rehabilitated sections of Lake Victoria’s coastline, engaging in various landscaping and clean-up operations. Many people now visit these spots to hang out, have picnics or admire the sunset.

And we’ve invested heavily in our offices in Mwanza and Dar es Salaam, going out of our way to make them look modern, clean and appealing. This again is part of our efforts to create a sense of local pride and ambition.