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AgroTanga was founded in 2004 and specialises in the production of sisal fibres. We have 3,370 hectares of land and more than 300 employees. Our processing cycle involves the cultivation of sisal plants, the removal of the plants’ leaves and drying of the fibre extracts, followed by the brushing and baling of the fibres for sale in local and international markets.

Our biodegradable fibre products are 100% environmentally friendly, with no pesticides or fertilisers used during cultivation. We also work hard to meet the high quality standards set by Bahari Bounty Group, putting safety and sustainability at the heart of our operations.


The sisal plant, or agave sisalana, is a perennial succulent that grows best in the hot, dry conditions found in Tanzania. Extracted from the plants’ leaves, the hard sisal fibres are used in cordage and binding materials, as well as carpets and wall coverings. Each year we produce local and export grades for wide customer distribution.

Quality and Traceability

Throughout our sisal cultivation and fibre production cycles, we operate to unfailingly high standards of quality, compliance and due diligence.


AgroTanga produces sisal fibre for a range of clients in local, regional and international markets.